Thank you so much for coming along to the exhibition!

If you missed it, fear not as Matt did an amazing virtual tour of the exhibhition that you can watch on our Facebook page!

What is the Frome Commuity Exhibition?

Welcome to the Frome Community Exhibition! We are a small group working in partnership with Edventure, Health Connections Mendip and The Make Shed to plan an exhibition of the arts and crafts made in Frome during this period of isolation.

We would like to offer the Frome Community Exhibition as a place not just for your artwork but as a space for reflection. A place where we can come together, to grow, and to learn from this experience as a community. It would be great to see the things that you have made during this time and share your stories, insights and experiences. 

Through speaking with our partner Jenny at Health Connections Mendip, we picked up on the idea of a community exhibition, suggested by her son, Luke Nicolson, who thought it would be great to have a common creative goal that people can work towards while in isolation.

How can I get involved?

We would love for you to join us!


Creation can come from anywhere, so whether you have a pen or an egg box, some paints lying about in a cupboard, or are using this time to take up photography, upcycle some old junk, improve your knitting, or even write poetry or songs, all exhibits are welcome!

If you've already found some creativity during this time and are working on a project yourself, we would love to see the things you have been making too! Feel free to share them with us @FromeCommunityExhibition on Facebook and Instagram.


You can enter on your own, with others that are isolating with you or connect and create with others online. 

Contact us on for more details.

Virtual Tour of the

Frome Community Exhibition

On Sunday 25th October at 11am we ran a virtual tour of the for all those who couldn't make it to the exhibition in person. 

The tour gave details about each of the exhibits on show at the Frome Community Exhibition, sharing information about the artists, what they created during lockdown and what it meant to them.

These were all wonderful expressions of creativity and we hope you enjoy!

About us

We are a group of students from the Spring 2020 Edventure Frome Start-Up Course. Initially we were tasked with creating a community bike workshop, but as the Coronavirus situation developed, we began to see that starting a bike workshop was not going to be possible at this time.

We therefore shifted to think how people would be feeling in isolation, and decided to start a project centred around creativity and connection.


We only had one week to get to know each other before lockdown set in and everything moved online! We now work together over zoom and are looking forward to working with the community on this project.

We're hoping to craft community and creation through this period of isolation

Check out what people have made so far...

Dates & Times

Marble Surface

Friday 23rd October

6pm - 9pm

@ The Welsh Mill Hub,

Park Hill Drive, Frome,

BA11 2LE

Marble Surface

Saturday 24th October

10am - 5pm

@ The Welsh Mill Hub,

Park Hill Drive, Frome,

BA11 2LE

Marble Surface

Sunday 25th October

10am - 4pm

@ The Welsh Mill Hub,

Park Hill Drive, Frome,

BA11 2LE

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We are eternally grateful to our partners and supporters:

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