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Frome Community Exhibition: Creation from isolation

Frome Community Exhibition: Creation from isolation is a project set up by the Edventure 14 Start-Up Course Group.

It will be a community exhibition held in Frome when it is safe to do so (hopefully in the not too distant future)!


The exhibition campaign seeks to provide inspiration, connection and a common future project which we can all look forward to. People of every background, old, young or anything in between are encouraged to get involved and create, make and craft their way through this period of isolation. 

Crafting provides a focus, a learning tool, and can be an exercise in meditation or reflection with great benefits for mental health and wellbeing. This is a chance to connect with ourselves and with others, collaborating with people we live with or those we meet online throughout this time.


Creation really can come from anywhere, so whether you have some paints and brushes lying about in a cupboard or want to craft things out of leftover loo rolls and egg boxes, all exhibits are welcome!


We now have the time to have fun, play and create something, so why not pick up old talents or discover new passions? 

This website will provide opportunities to share your skills and creations, make human connections, and enable Frome residents to learn about the resources and groups that are available in and around the town.

To get started, explore the website, join a virtual craft club, discover what making materials you have lying around the house, follow an online tutorial or simply get messy and creative with your family and friends! 


Now is the time to don your aprons, open the pencil case and carve your story into the fabric of Frome.

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