Frome Drama Club

Lockdown at Home Rendition of IF by Rudiyard Kipling

Unable to perform, take part in workshops, meet up, or enjoy the monthly play reading at The Corner House, we needed to find a different outlet for the joy of theatre and performance that we all share.

This poem is one of 6 performed by various members of the group, under the title ‘6 Poems in Search of a Performance’. The idea was to involve as many members as possible and create a singular performance piece to record FromeDrama in Lockdown. 6 Poems in Search of a Performance is now available via the FromeDrama website, and will remain there as a permanent record of the year 2020.

Each participant was sent a copy of the poems in which they had been allocated a specific set of lines. Their only instruction was that they should video record themselves performing their given lines using a smartphone held in a Landscape position. There was a positive decision not to include any other direction. Each actor had total freedom to record their allotted lines wherever and however they wanted.  The results are a joyous and eclectic reflection of FromeDrama members in Lockdown 2020.

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