Frome Street Bandits

Ca Fait Pas Mal

The Frome Street Bandits are a semi-autonomous anarchic syndicalist community of musicians who honk in Frome.

Lockdown denied us all the opportunity to meet together for our regular Monday evening practice or to play at the many open air community gigs we get invited to across the year. It's been tough for all of us.


In celebration of our love for performance, we decided to challenge each other to enter a virtual recording studio.

Each member of the band performed and recorded their own part for “Ca Fait Pas Mal”, a recent addition to the Bandit repertoire, inherited from Blue Midnight and synthesised Nick. These were all sent in and then painstakingly glued together into a unique audio-visual collage by Nick & Jez (using Ableton Live & Davinci Resolve).


We hope you enjoy it as much as we did (and do).

Here's to future celebrations of music in community, where ever you are.

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