Joanna Hanstead and Friends

Jo Hanstead, Jessica Wilker and    Charles Kemp  -  The Chicken Song

Jo loves to sing, mostly sacred songs from all traditions. She is part of the Fabulous Frome Circle Dance Band. She is a craniosacral therapist and McTimoney practitioner.


Charles is among other things an Interfaith Minister and funeral celebrant. He has written many chants which when sung alone or in a group create a good feeling.


Jessica and Jo used to look after chickens together, so Jessica readily agreed to create collages for The Chicken Song. More of her work can be seen in this exhibition. She is also, among other things, an author.

This is a short, illustrated song about a chicken who couldn’t fly. She goes on a journey and finds peace and fulfilment. The song hatched fully formed, way back in 2000, the day after the Jo hung over a cliff edge on an abseiling rope in Corfu. Its contented clucks were recorded by Charles and Jo in a sitting room in Frome in 2019.


Charles’s guitar accompaniment was improvised. It grew bright feathers during Lockdown 2020. During the relative stillness and space of summer 2020 Jo and Jessica decided to collaborate for the first time on a joint project. Jessica created artwork sympathetic to the song. Jo learned how to use iMovie. Without Lockdown all this would never have happened.

Charles Kemp & Joanna Hanstead - Animal Rhymes

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